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Net Log: Sacramento Valley CERT Net

About:Sacramento Valley CERT Net
Date:April 13, 2020
Net Control:WS6Z
Opening Announcements

5 Minutes Before

Attention all stations. The Sacramento Valley Multi-city CERT net will begin on the K6MVR repeater at 20:00 hours local time. Thank you in advance for the use of this frequency. This is NAME, CALLSIGN, net control for this evening and standing by for the net.


Good evening, this is the Sacramento Valley Multi-City Community Emergency Response Team net. I am NAME, CALL, net control for this evening. This net is for Sacramento Valley CERT teams and residents to discuss aspects of community supported emergency operations in the greater Sacramento area. It meets every Sunday night at 20:00 hours on the K6MVR repeater on a frequency of 147.000 MHz, and a minus offset with a CTCSS tone of 136.5 hertz.

Is there any emergency or priority traffic that needs to be handled first?

  • [pause and listen for 10 seconds for any emergency traffic that needs to be handled]

Every week we will have a discussion topic or question for net participants to respond to, about CERT related activities and skills, emergency preparedness, fictitious situations to consider or about current events within the Sacramento Valley. These discussion topics and simulations are designed to promote thought and discussion. As a reminder, CERT teams never self deploy and always take actual actions and direction from their overseeing agency. After roll call, we will ask each station to respond to the question and hold a discussion based on it. After roll call and discussions, we will open the net to any stations with other announcements or traffic.

Today’s question is:

It's been a month since our last covid-19 checkin and I said then that we'd do monthly checkins until things got better. So tonight, I'd like to hear a brief update on how everyone is fairing, lessons you've learned, things you're still struggling with, etc.

CERT teams?

Now we will begin CERT team roll calls, grouped by participating City CERT teams. We will take any late or missing members after roll call finishes. After roll call, we will call for visiting stations.

Davis City CERT

We now ask Davis City CERT members to check into the net.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
WS6Z Wes Hardaker
  • doing well generally
  • shopping only sporatically
  • family gets along well, fortunately
  • exercising at non-peak hours outside
  • helping with groceries for some people
  • have friends that are beginning to get more stressed and stir crazy
  • Davis CERT is reaching out to senior citizens
KG6SJT Greg Kruckewitt
  • happy working at home
  • things going well
  • shopping once a week or so
  • contacting elderly as well
W6KJX Lucile King
  • have plenty of food
  • swimming was the hobby
  • had to switch to bike riding
  • keeping in touch with siblings
KK6POX Heather Spaulding
  • working from home
  • cat is happy that she's around more
  • normally do monthly training, ran it virtually this time with double the normal people
  • people appreciate having the contact
  • miss niece's birthday

Elk Grove / Galt

We now ask Elk Grove / Galt City CERT members to check into the net.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
KC6SGT George Carrington
  • masks question: where can we get them
  • answers:
    • vacuum store in folsom can distribute elastic
    • can make masks out of elastic hair bands
    • fabric or ribbon tie instead is better comfort


We now ask Folsom CERT members to check into the net.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
AE6LM Lawrence Mondragon
K5FWD David Brock
AA6CS Christopher
KK6BIM Steve
KK6DIM Keith
  • doing ok
  • recently install arrow 2m yagi in the attic
  • daily covid testing with CERT teams
  • wife is making masks

Sacramento Metro Fire CERT

We now ask Sacramento Metro Fire CERT members to check into the net.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
  • retired
  • getting to the market a couple times a week
  • described a humorous pictures about eating too much
K6ABJ Aaron
  • healthy
  • exercise
  • cleaning up the yard
  • making masks for friends

West Sacramento

We now ask West Sacramento CERT members to check into the net.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
KM6NJW Christian Goodman


We now ask Woodland CERT members to check into the net.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
  • farming is not impacted generally
  • suppliers / tractor repair are open
  • seeds suppliers are running short on things (eg compost)
  • only recently have seen masks in facilities
  • disappointment is not travelling to state parks, tahoe, etc

Late Members

We will do visitor checkins in a moment, but first are there any late members of Sacramento Valley CERT teams, or CERT members that aren’t on the roster that would like to check into tonight’s net?

Handle any late checkins

This is [NAME], [CALLSIGN] net control operator.


We will now accept visitor checkins to the Sacramento Valley Multi-City CERT net.  You do not need to be affiliated with a CERT team to check into our net. All visitors are welcome.  If you're a visiting station that would like to check in, please come now with your callsign, name and location.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes


Closing Traffic
  • Gary: reviewed the upcoming nets
  • Wes:
    • If anyone wants to get added to the mailing list for this net, please contact me after net.
    • I'm always looking for other people that wish to help run the net, so contact me about that as well if you wish.


We will now move into the discussion portion of this net.  We’ll run through the roster of CERT members and visitors that checked in first and ask them to respond to the question.  Afterward we’ll open the discussion to all stations for additional comments.

  • [Run through the roster of check-ins and record answers above]

Additional Discussion

Are there any CERT members or guests that wish to make any additional comments related to tonight's discussion topic?  We will do general announcements after the discussion period.

  • [Add any additional comments to the notes above]

General Announcements

Are there any net participants with announcements, CERT activities, event reports or who have other traffic for the net?

  • [Record general announcements below]


Hearing no more traffic or checkins, I will now close today’s Sacramento Valley Multi-city CERT net, at TIME. Thank you for participating and talk to you next week! I would to thank the control operator and users of the K6MVR repeater for the use of this frequency. This is NAME, CALL “listening” or “signing-off”.

End time: