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Net Log: YARS

Date:April 14, 2020
Net Control:KG6SJT
Opening Announcements

"Good evening, this is (your name and call sign), net control for the Yolo Amateur Radio Society Net on the K6MVR repeater. Please be advised that this net may be broken at any time for emergency or priority traffic. Is there any such traffic at this time?"

  • (pause - if anyone has priority traffic at any time, yield to them and continue the net afterward)

This net meets every Monday evening at 2030 hours local time on the K6MVR repeater. The repeater is on 147.000 MHz, negative offset, tone setting of 136.5, located high atop Mt. Vaca. Visitors and guests are always welcome to check into the net.

If you use this repeater, please visit the Yolo Amateur Radio Society web site for information on how you can help support the continued operations of this repeater. Please visit

Now we will do regular check ins. Please give your call sign phonetically, with name and location.

For this net, you do not have to be a member of the Yolo Amateur Radio Society, or any group,

Alpha to India

Any one with call sign suffixes beginning with Alpha to India, please check in now.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
  • cw is coming along well with the online classes
  • up and down long process
  • contacts on 3 QSO parties: NM, GA, ND
  • up to 45 states in the all states mixed-mode challenge
  • ran across a 1936 radio handbook looking for antennas
KK6ZGB Michael
  • looking at documents for ARC
  • listening on dstar
KD6QZH Peter
  • working from home
  • attending many more club meetings due to virtual clubs
  • tech since 94, but just passed element 3 for general recently

Juliette to Romeo

Any one with call sign suffixes beginning with Juliette to Romeo, please check in now.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes

Sierra to Zulu

Any one with call sign suffixes beginning with Sierra to Zulu, please check in now.

Title Callsign Name Checkedin Notes
KG6SJT Greg Kruckewitt
  • every public service event has been cancelled
    • tevis
    • western states
    • sierra century
    • ...
  • continuing to work on winlink forms
    • including better support for color-blind people
  • attended ARES meetings over zoom
WS6Z Wes Hardaker
  • is getting better
    • may present at YARS sometime (work with k6kn)
  • played with CW
  • served agencies can't take visitors at the moment
  • working CW on 40m, which has been busy
  • Heard QRP from 1-area
  • meeting on 5th of may, possibly a repeat
  • 2m has exploded with activity
  • noon-net has doubled attendance


Closing Traffic

Late Checkins

Any late check-ins or anyone that was missed, please check in now.

  • (take check-ins - write down call sign and name, note if they have traffic)


Now we will call on stations with traffic for the net.

  • (call on stations in check in order for traffic, news, swaps, etc)

Other Traffic

Is there any other traffic for the net, late check ins or anyone that was missed for the regular roundtable?

  • (pause, handle traffic)


The next meeting of the Yolo Amateur Radio Society/Mount Vaca Radio Club will be on Tuesday (add date and month) at 7:30 PM at the Explorit! Center in Davis on 5th street. Further instructions can be found at

I'd like to thank everyone for checking in tonight and also thank the Yolo Amateur Radio Society for the use of the repeater.

This is (your call sign) closing the YARS net on the K6MVR repeater at (time) with (number) check ins. The repeater is now open for normal usage.

End time: